Wow guests with the taste of the Norwegian mountain ranges: many types of reindeer – 5 recipes with reindeer meat

Reindeer meat is an exclusive raw material, and if we divide the number of available kilograms by the number of Norwegians, then there are only approx. 300 grams are available per person per year.

Reindeer farming is a form of nomadic farming, wherein reindeer herders keep track of the animals’ movements between different pastures throughout the year. Reindeer live in a wild and tough nature, which is also the background for the game’s distinctive meat taste. Reindeer meat is perfect for those who want to have a little more fun, or take their dining experience to a new level.

Winner’s Taste

Reindeer meat has a very special taste of game, in which you can actually feel the taste of the Norwegian nature. Lichen, grass, berries, algae, herbs and heather are some of the characteristics of the taste of meat. Reindeer eat about 200 different species of plants, Ragnhild Kolvereid, MatPrat’s Reindeer Meat Project Manager, says in a press release.

Pizza with reindeer steak Photo: MatPrat

Pizza with reindeer steak Photo: Matbrate

Figures from the survey, which YouGov conducted on behalf of MatPrat in 2022, show that the vast majority eat reindeer in connection with either weekends or dinner parties, at home or outside. The answers also show that the majority first and foremost associate reindeer meat with being delicious.

It’s easier than many people think to cook reindeer meat. For example, you could make a delicious dinner with reindeer steak with peanut butter, or serve up a reindeer taco or pizza with reindeer steak for Friday dinner. To enhance the meal experience, you can tell the story behind the meal’s most important ingredients, says Kolvereid.

Reindeer meat in stew

When asked what type of dish would be appropriate to use reindeer meat instead of other types of meat, the majority in the survey answered stews.

A good meat broth is just as perfect for this cold season. An absolutely great tasting dish is venison stew with reindeer, either with flat beef or roast reindeer. Among other things, good game power, mushrooms, juniper and bay leaves in the bowl, as well as reindeer meat, you are guaranteed a taste of the Norwegian mountain ranges straight to the dinner table. Otherwise, classic beef stew is always a good choice, says Kolvereid.

Five recipes with reindeer meat

reindeer herd

Reindeer taco Photo: MatPrat

reindeer herd Photo: Matbrate

With mullet, pear, and reindeer steak, among other things, this is an exciting twist on Taco Friday.

Pizza with reindeer steak

Pizza with reindeer steak Photo: MatPrat

Pizza with reindeer steak Photo: Matbrate

Are you happy with pizza? You’ll love this pizza with fresh ice, red onions, and reindeer steak.

Reindeer steak with nut butter

Reindeer steak with nut butter Photo: MatPrat

Reindeer steak with nut butter Photo: Matbrate

Reindeer steak with parsnip puree and nut butter. A potential new favourite.

Game stew with reindeer meat

Game stew with reindeer Photo: MatPrat

Stew game with reindeer Photo: Matbrate

Make delicious venison stew with reindeer meat.


Finnbiff Photo: MatPrat

Make the feast in record time. This dish is perfect for any party or every day.

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