Wine School: Last day of school

Of course we don’t need alcohol to celebrate! Here are the flavors that delight young and old alike.

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The backpack seemed too heavy for the little shoulders. My little fist hugged me. He then took a huge step forward towards the manager who read his name there in front of the podium.

Suddenly seven years passed.

The boy became tall like me. The classmates we followed through night visits, stuffed animals, friendships, and quarrels got together again in front of parents. A new chapter awaits. Today we celebrate the last day with the elementary school gang. The flavors that create a creamy, alcohol-free and delicious ambiance have gathered around the celebration you deserve.

The numbers are clear

We can call it “the overall trend in the market”. More and more of you are ordering drinks with little or no alcohol. A pure head is superior to sugar. You may have already noticed: The pursuit of good taste without alcohol content is much easier than it was a few years ago.

  • See Ingvild Tennfjord wine recommendations below in the can.

Recently, a reflective reader post was published in Bergens Tidende. The applicant requested non-alcoholic alternatives in connection with the May 17 date. The subject replied to a characteristic sentence from the wine column on the front page of the newspaper: “The cork shall bounce from morning to evening.” She wanted to celebrate with non-alcoholic flavors.

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