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– The scooter should be placed here and tied with rubber.

Eline Ståhl shows how easy it is to make the new invention work. Together with eight other girls at Iveland School, she set up a motocross platform on the school bus.

We know that it is very dangerous to have loose objects on the school bus. If the bus crashes, they can fly and meet people, she says.

In November last year, students participated in a nationwide technology competition on the topic of transportation. The girls won in the innovation category.

– They were very impressed with our solution and wanted us to be nominated for the Scandinavian Innovation Award, she says proudly.

Thus, the girls qualified for the Scandinavian final in February.

– Innovative product

Recently, they presented the idea to actors interested in the classroom at the school.

– We couldn’t paint everything inside, but we should paint the same color as the outside, she says, a little worried at first.

But despite the fact that the prototype was not yet fully completed in the end, it arouses excitement among the audience.

Nobody thought of it before, this is an innovative product, says Tom Eric Dunstad.

He is the regional leader of Nullvisjonen Agder, which operates with no one killed or seriously injured in road traffic.

– It’s a simple thing, not least a very important product, to secure the dangerous goods we have on the buses, he continues.

Securing is the challenge

Also in attendance was the Setesdal Car Trails Traffic Director, Jan Rysstad. The company operates buses over large parts of Agder.

He says securing things on school buses is an ongoing challenge.

– Students have something to take with them to different activities at any time of the year, and then specifically making sure that this is very important.

He has great faith in the project, and hopes they can use it on their buses. But first, the students depend on it being approved by the road authorities.

– As long as this prototype is approved and can be attached to the bus in a secure way, we have no doubts, says Rysstad.

The nine students hope that the invention will succeed, and some are willing to test it.

The stand must be permanently attached to the handicap/pram area. Then students can easily secure the scooter when getting on and off.

Eline Ståhl says they were on the buses and took measurements to make sure there was room for the wing.

– We know there’s a problem with our school bus, so we think it’s on more buses as well.

Jan Rystad, Director of Traffic, Citiesdale Motors Roads

Setesdal Motors Tracks Traffic Director Jan Rysstad thinks the scooter rack idea is a good one.

Photo: Kjetil Samuelsen / NRK

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