Ukraine, video | Russian police in a violent incident while transporting detained anti-war protesters

Watch the video from the Russian capital:

The accident occurred on Khamovnicheskii Val Street in central Moscow on Sunday afternoon. Inside the bus sat people arrested after demonstrating against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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A video of the accident, which went viral on social media, shows a police bus smelling of a car at a busy intersection.

It has not been confirmed how many people are in the photo, or what their condition was after the accident.

on me Twitter The bus reportedly contained 27 people, 25 of whom were protesters. 11 must have been injured. The numbers have not been confirmed.

11,000 detainees

OVD-info maintains statistics on arrests taking place during demonstrations in Russia. They reported 10,948 anti-war arrests since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

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On Sunday alone, 3,500 people were said to have been arrested in about 50 cities in Russia. NTB writes that the Russian state-run news agency TASS reports that the figure was provided by the Russian Interior Ministry.

– Bolts are tightened. We are in fact witnessing military censorship. We have seen very large demonstrations today, even in Siberian cities, where we rarely see many arrests.

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OVD spokeswoman Maria Kuznetsova told Reuters that, according to NTB, the police in Russia have recently cracked down on protesters more aggressively.

In Russia, it is now illegal to spread false news to the authorities about the invasion of Ukraine. The authorities call the war a “special operation.”

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