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“We are pleased that an agreement has been reached so that bus companies can transport passengers to work, school and leisure activities in a safe and environmentally friendly manner,” NHO Transport CEO Jon H. Stordrange says in a press release.

NHO Transport reported that the two parties agreed after negotiating 10 hours of overtime.

Pension from the first crown

This prevented 2,362 bus and light rail drivers from going on strike.

NHO Transport has negotiated a bus industry agreement with Fellesforbundet and Yrkestrafikkforbundet. Spekter negotiated in parallel with the same organizations, as well as the trade union and the Norwegian Railways Association.

The agreement includes, among other things, an agreement on a pension from the first kroner and an advance payment of sick pay for bus drivers.

– The employer side has come a long way, but the result was within the financial framework of the first topic. Adjustments have been made in the collective agreement so the industry can more easily meet new mobility needs with commanding commands, says Stordrange.

Hacking for significant improvements

– We have received support for significant improvements in working life, which we have been fighting for for several years, as well as a good financial result, says Professional Traffic Association chief negotiator Linda Jæger in a press release.

The union represents 6,000 of the more than 12,000 organized bus drivers who may eventually be affected by the strike.

Linda Jaeger

Professional Traffic Association chief negotiator, Linda Geiger

Photo: Astri Husø / NRK

– The majority of the negotiating delegation recommends a settlement. This means that buses and light rails run as usual on Saturday. The outcome of the negotiations will now pass to a referendum for the members of the four organizations. Jæger says if the proposal obtains a majority among the total members, the settlement is approved.

Ensures increased purchasing power

Fellesforbundet’s chief negotiator is pleased that there was an agreement and breakthrough in this year’s wage settlement of bus industry agreements and a paid employee agreement.

– These were negotiations that required a lot of effort and mediation. The result was a broad and complex one, setting many of our most important requirements, says chief negotiator and union secretary Dag-Einar Sivertsen in a press release.

Dag-Einar Sivertsen, Federal Secretary of the Commonwealth

The leader of negotiations at Fellesforbundet, Dag-Einar Sivertsen

One of Fellesforbundet’s main requirements for the bus industry agreements and the salaried employee agreement was to ensure increased purchasing power of the members covered by the agreements.

The agreement entails a general addition of NOK 4, that the commercial certificate supplement increased by NOK 3 and a normal salary supplement of NOK 4.50.

The financial result ensures an increase in purchasing power. On average, this means that a bus driver’s salary will rise by NOK 21,500, Sivertsen says.

Thus, the result of wage settlement will contribute to the increase in wages to keep pace with the increases in price, so that members of the Fellesforbundet increase their purchasing power.

Another important requirement for Fellesforbundet members is to have approval for pre-payment of sickness benefits for a period of one year.

– We’ve got full support for that, and we’re very happy, says Sivertsen.

The outcome of the negotiations will reach a referendum.

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