The Recipe: Seafood at the Party Table on May 17th—and Other Days of Spring

RecipeThe breakfast table on May 17th is full of delicious food that everyone loves. recommends these six seafood favorites in a press release. Both are easy to prepare and delicious!

Quiche with smoked salmon will impress the guest and is great to take with you if you are going to contribute a dish to breakfast. With smoked salmon, you get a new twist on a traditional and delicious quiche.

An oyster plate quickly becomes the center of the party. Whether you choose shrimp or a selection of oysters, this is something you will love. Serve with accessories like loaf, butter, lemon, lime, mayonnaise, aioli and dill.

Recipe: Blini with smoked salmon

Blini with smoked salmon.  Photo: Godfisk

Blini with smoked salmon. Photo: Godfisk

Salmon with scrambled eggs is a popular classic on May 17th. A fresh twist of smoked salmon and mozzarella on toast. This is a delicious little snack that you can serve as an appetizer or on a cold table. Another delicious variant is the blinis with smoked salmon and horseradish cream.

Toast Skagen consists of buttered white bread or toast with shrimp in a mayonnaise-based mixture called Skagenrøre. This is a perfect classic for a cold table.

Smoked Trout In Potato Legs With Fresh Ice Taste Is Fresh And Good And Can Be Prepared In Advance. Then put it forward when guests arrive. A tip is to make little extras as they quickly disappear from the table.

Party salad with shrimp, orange, and basil tastes great and will light up a cold table. A delicious sauce with chili and ginger will speed up the taste buds. Served with fresh bread.

The Inspiration: Party Dinner with Seafood

Halibut for dinner.  Photo: Alf Burgesson

Halibut for dinner. Photo: Alf Burgesson

If you’re gathering friends and family for dinner on May 17th, we’ve got a suggestion for a party menu that combines the genres of the season with the fresh flavors of spring. It simply does not get better!


We know thin leaf carpaccio from Italian cuisine. But why not give the dish a Nordic touch with clean salmon, fresh sour cream and a taste of the high Norwegian mountains?


Scallop ceviche with pickled red onion and avocado
Ceviche is a Latin American dish in which seafood is marinated in citrus fruits. Try this recipe with scallops ceviche, served with pickled red onions and salad.

the Maine plate

Halibut with fresh vegetables
Halibut is one of our finest fish, and with fresh, green vegetables as an accessory, you’ll have a feast that will appeal to your guests.

Snacks when guests arrive or dinner? See our tips for delicious small dishes with fish and shellfish.

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