The Recipe: Go Back to the Roots – Eat More Root Vegetables

– Use more root vegetables for dinner – Parsley root, parsnip and celery root produced in Norway are now in the store. They are short-lived, quick, easy to prepare, and packed with nutrients. If you never put these in your cart, you’re missing out on a lot of the good stuff, says food consultant Toril Gulbrandsen at Information Office for Fruit and Vegetables (OFG) in a press release.

And she continues: – Root vegetables are also something kids love, because they get a slightly sweet taste when treated with heat.

All the good you can do with parsnips

All the good you can do with parsnips

78% of the population does not eat 5 times a day

The survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of OFG showed that only 22% of Norwegians eat the recommended 5 a day.

Eating more fruits and vegetables for all of the day’s meals is a challenge for most of us, but if you can fill half a plate with fruits and vegetables every time, every day, you’re already on target.

Just thinking that in half the plate there should be vegetables – simple, right?

TRay Beck – an easy way to prepare dinner

Baking dinner in the oven is super easy on a busy day.

All you have to do is peel and divide the vegetables, add oil and your choice of seasoning. Then you put them straight in the oven, turning the clock to 20 minutes and VIPs so you have delicious, nutritious vegetables on one half of the plate, what you have on the other half of your choice.

The Fruits and Vegetables Information Desk has put together some good recipes for you as inspiration.

Delicious parsnip waffle

Try the parsnip pancakes

Parsnips are a good old root vegetable.

The flesh is white or creamy, and the taste is sweet and tasty. Parsnip not only goes well raw with sour cream, but also like pancakes, they are both versatile, very healthy and tasty for the whole family.

Fried parsley root

Fried parsley root

Fry the parsley root

Parsley root is white with light brown stripes and very similar to parsnip, but smaller.

Have you tried frying parsley roots with sun-dried tomatoes? Parsley root tastes good and can take your dinner dish to new heights.

You can do this with celery root

Celery, also known as celery root, is a very nutritious and delicious root vegetable.

It is not without reason that many chefs mention celery root as one of their favorites – the crunchy, white pulp has an aromatic aroma and a slightly sweet, sharp taste that makes it ideal for uplifting the taste of food.

Try everything you can make with celery root.

Try the delicious parsnip soup

Try the delicious parsnip soup

More recipes and inspiration for root vegetable dishes can be found at

In Norway, conditions are good for the production of free-grazing vegetables such as parsley root, parsnip and celery root.

These are vegetables that require few resources and are efficient in production. The fact that they are excellent for storage, have a long service life and are nutritious makes them a super vegetable that in Norway we should eat more of.

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