The recipe for my nougat can be changed

Approximately seven million boxes of Nogatti are sold in Norway each year.

If you calculate a portion size of 15 grams, in other words, about 400,000 slices of bread with nougat are eaten per day in Norway.

Orkla writes about Nugatti from her website. Now they are announcing a possible product change.

You may need to change

Now all Nugatti lovers may have to accept a change in the product, since one of the main ingredients is usually exported from Russia and Ukraine.

Nogatti is owned by Orkla, which said on Monday it had detected a shortage of sunflower oil. This may mean that they have to make a change in the chocolate spread recipe.

It Can Be Changed: If you're one of those people who loves nougat the way it is, you might have some bad news in store.  Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

It Can Be Changed: If you’re one of those people who loves nougat the way it is, you might have some bad news in store. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB
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According to Orkla Executive Vice President Håkon Mageli, Russia and Ukraine are major producers of sunflower oil. Now notice that getting the ingredient is getting more and more difficult.

You have many products that contain sunflower oil. Will the shortage of sunflower oil exceed several products?

The war in Ukraine led to major changes in the entire Norwegian food industry. We’re still looking at what changes we should make, Mageli tells Dagbladet.

The executive vice president says the situation is somewhat confusing at the moment, and that Orkla is going to spend some time making the right decisions.

– We are in dialogue with the Norwegian authorities on the issue and we will work towards a good interim solution.

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Consider palm oil

We are looking at different alternatives to vegetable oils, of which certified palm oil is one alternative, says Magili.

In the past, food producers have been criticized for including palm oil in their products, as palm oil production has destroyed much of Southeast Asia’s rainforests. The production is now also a threat to the rainforests of Africa and South America.

Mageli explains to Dagbladet that this is an unusual situation, and that extraordinary measures may be needed to produce the goods.

Seven foods to replace now

Seven foods to replace now

All these things are being worked on now. We strive to make the products as similar as possible, as they are today.

Orkla was early on to replace palm oil with sunflower oil in many products. They did it in 2012, including with Nogati.

Cocoa is sustainable, grown in terms of people and the environment, as stated on their website.

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