The Minister of Transport and Communications will stop the runoff to transport fish

Every year, large amounts of meltwater from transporting fish end up on our roads. Runoff from this transport can lead to dangerous road conditions and damage to the environment. So I have now asked the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to consider measures to prevent runoff, says Transport Minister Jon Ivar Nygaard.

The Minister of Transport and Communications is concerned with the development of fish transport in terms of surface runoff.

– In recent years, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has held regular meetings with the seafood industry, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the police and the Norwegian Truck Owners Association, where this problem was discussed and various solutions were discussed. However, roadside checks show that there has been no improvement. We must then consider tightening regulations, including more effective sanctions options, to prevent such run-down, Nygaard says.

It will give the industry a clear signal
Possible penalties may include immediate infringement fines. It may also be appropriate to look at how other countries deal with the rules around this.

“I hope this gives a clear signal to the industry that we should not have meltwater that is hazardous to traffic or potentially environmentally hazardous on our roads,” says Nygaard.

Read the full assignment letter to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (pdf)

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