The entire train stopped in eastern Norway for two hours on Tuesday – VG

Tires: The strike affects trains from Vy, Flytoget, Go-Ahead and SJ Nord.

The strike means all trains in eastern Norway are stationary from 11am to 1pm on Tuesday.


Vy writes in a press release.

– All trains in eastern Norway are fixed from kl. 11:00 to 13:00. This applies to trains to Flytoget, Go-Ahead, Vy tog (including Bergensbanen and Gjøvikbanen) and SJ NORD, Vy writes.

The train station was triggered by a strike by the Norsk Lokomotivmannsforbund (NLF) and Norsk Jernbaneforbund unions, which are eliminating train employees, conductors and locomotive drivers.

– People simply have to lay off the train for two hours. They can either find other means of transport, or spend time in another way, union leader Rolf Ringdahl tells NLF to Fri Fagbevegelse.

No refunds

Vy points out that they do not take a train bus or other alternative means of transportation for their trains.

– The reason is that this is a legal strike, and if we establish an alternative mode of transport, it will be considered as a strike break, writes Vy.

They also point out that you are not reimbursed for other transportation costs for Vys trains.

Go-Ahead states that it will create alternative transportation for passengers on the two flights affected by the strike, which they believe does not result in a roasting break.

– We’ve had a dialogue with the unions and it’s perfectly fine to establish an alternative mode of transportation for our clients, writes critical journalist Dag Brekkan in an email to VG.

This is why they are on strike

The conflict culminated in a debate over how to organize Norwegian Railways.

  • Major fix: Before the government of Erna Solberg (H) came to power, it was Vy (then NSB) who controlled the train tracks in Norway. But the right wing allowed private companies to compete on Norwegian rail lines and divided the sector into several different companies.
  • Both the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party strongly opposed this: Now that they are in power, they have knocked out private companies from the competition to run trains in eastern Norway. He promised to “review the company’s structure in the railway sector with the aim of reducing the number of companies.”
  • Controversy over tenderloin: Now that private companies have been excluded from competition to operate trains in Eastern Norway, the very innermost segment of Norway’s rail network, only the state-owned Vy and Flytoget are left. Both would have the lucrative assignment of operating trains in eastern Norway. But the SP/AP government has technically opened up for them to get their share. They negotiate the partitions of eastern Norway in two different packages. This is what the strikers respond to.

– The government has not delivered on its promise, union leader Rolf Ringdahl at the Norwegian Locomotive Workers’ Federation (NLF) told Friday Vajpevigelsee.

In a press release, they accused the government of continuing to divide the railways, by dividing the traffic in eastern Norway into two bundles.

– This strike is not about who should get package 1 or 2, it is about the necessity of stopping this entire circus and that you must have an efficient railway for the benefit of the passengers and employees, as the Norwegian Locomotive Manufacturers Association wrote in a newspaper release.

– We think it is better to have one railway, they point out.

Transport and Communications Secretary John Ivar Nygaard (Labour) wrote in an email that their goal is to create “the best possible offer for travelers and employees”.

– It is the Norwegian Railways Directorate that, during the negotiations, will assess whether the objectives of the direct award are best achieved by awarding the train offer to one or two companies, he wrote.

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