Stoan rages against the IOC after Olympic number: – It’s hopeless

It became clear Friday night when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) board of directors made its recommendations.

Male runners are allowed to participate, but women are still outside.

– It’s hopeless. Obviously, gender equality is not on the IOC’s agenda. They may have some reasons, but I think that’s sad, especially for girls, Ivar Stuan tells NTB.

– I have little faith in the International Olympic Committee. I can say it frankly. You can’t do much with the IOC, so we just have to keep working hard to develop the sport and get it included in the Olympic programme, he says.

Gentlemen are also in danger

Recently, there have been concerns that the combined group will be removed entirely as an Olympic branch in the wake of the debate about gender balance in the sport. IOC member Karl Stauss, chair of the IOC’s work on the Olympic programme, added that participation of both sexes is at risk in 2030.

– It depends on a positive development, especially in terms of audience and participation, said Stoss.

The Norwegian star, combined into the women’s team well, Westvold Hansen, is disappointed by the elimination.

“The first reaction is that it’s a sad decision for us girls to come together and integrate us as a sport,” Westvold Hansen tells TV 2.

During the press conference, the upcoming Winter Olympics were presented as the games with the best gender balance at 47 percent of women. Mixed sport is the only sport in Italy where both sexes do not want to participate.

– He’s sick, says Stoan.

– one nation

“I will do everything in my power to make this equal,” says the athletic director.

Stuss later spoke of why there was no room for the women involved:

– Women joined the World Cup calendar in 2021. The first World Cup was in 2021. He said that there are only ten countries, and on the podium there is only one, and pointed out the dominance of Norway.

The Combined is one of the few disciplines to have participated in the Winter Olympics since its inception in 1924. With 15 gold, 12 silver, and 8 bronze medals, Norway is the sport’s best-ever Olympic country.

The 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

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