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Young people suffer from stress, boredom and anxiety. DrUngdata’s recent scan is a frightening read. Up to 73 percent are bored, 53 percent are stressed and up to 25 feel anxious about school.

Are we sure that the secret of school refusal is really a mystery?

Couldn’t this be a statistic that no one wanted to make for fear of the answers? It’s really comforting to blame kids who may have ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, or simply not find a place for them at school. Then we let the others go and we don’t have to do anything.

All empty spaces are gone

“Before, everyone went to school,” the authors of the book “The Mystery of School Refusal” wrote. Now it is not so. But there are certainly many things that have changed in recent years. All free rooms and rest rooms in Norwegian elementary and middle school were lost.

Before, in a school kitchen subject one could focus on cooking and eating afterwards. Or throw fresh donuts out the window.

The subject that has replaced school kitchens does not offer much fun and nonsense. Food and health serious bloody. Here is a working sample of fish gratin. It is conducted alone, with the teacher as a spectator and an examiner. Or a written test in carbohydrates and fatty acids. Not to mention providing no less than 900 words about various lifestyle diseases.

The gym was too greiere before. Then, with good effort, one can obtain M. This is certainly not the case today. Now there are requirements for effort and progress. Do not forget about the 8-week self-training program which must be documented with training notes, session plans and measuring results before and after you reach high school.

And what happened to the subjects of crafts, handicrafts and music? A little the same there. Students are weighed and measured.

Back on the starting line

Going to school today is a project for the whole family. Academic content often gets bogged down in practical things, such as getting the foldable handbook, which the KRLE teacher wants the student to recreate in a Christian gender perspective.

Then, quickly pass by a few hours on Saturday for the civil engineering mom to learn how to make a brochure template in Word, and soon this home’s civil engineering dad uses some attempts to print the finished product. On both sides, in color, of course.

Same topic content And learning sinks in and comes second. And what do children who do not have two pieces do. Engineering dads who prioritize spending time on this? They will likely not be in a position to show what they can, and will be left at the starting line.

Then there are the timeless PowerPoint presentations. Before, for natural reasons, not a single PowerPoint was made, and the presentations in front of the whole class were also rather small.

In the municipality of Perm Can the School Health Service report that more and more students are eager to give presentations to the whole class. The solution there, according to the municipal psychologist, was to create the “Presentation Mastery Groups” course for middle school students.

Can one not compare this a little to giving medication for a disorder, which then gives the patient side effects? Then we give the patient another drug against the side effects of the first drug.

bad for business

The Norwegian school is also distinguished by cooperation across subjectsAnd the For example by integrating assessment into Norwegian and social studies. Then the student will have the opportunity to write an argumentative text about the causes of World War I during the Norwegian Writing Day. The score is evaluated by both the teacher in Norwegian and Social Studies.

So the school has Killing two birds with one stone, but what about students who are not fluent in Norwegian, or who have dyslexia? Who cannot show what he knows about the causes of the First World War, because that must be done in a written text.

Then, a synergistic effect for the school, it quickly becomes a domino effect for the student. Bad grade in two subjects at the same time.

When many people are bored, stressed and anxious regarding school, this is a sign that there are many things that are not good. It shows that many feel uneasy about school, and increases the chance that many will want to get away from everything related to school.

We simply have to Look behind these numbers and discover the reasons. As now, it is clear that when a client (student) feels uncomfortable in relation to the school, it is “bad for business”, as one might say in the business world.

It requires work. Currently.

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