Ruin Ole Sæter for Rosenborg – Hat trick and hand-to-hand combat

The 26-year-old scored his first goal five minutes before play. Amidou Diop equalized the tie for the visitors in the match after 20 minutes, before Sater again sent the host team in front after 37 minutes. In the second half, he broke through the match for two minutes.

Rosenborg finished fourth in the standings with today’s win, ten points clear of leader Lillestrøm.

None of Saturday’s teams had a good start to the season. KBK is a jumbo table and still has the advantage of capturing three points this year. Rosenborg played unevenly in Elitzeren and was on the verge of collapsing against Levanger in the cup in midweek.

RBK’s big hero was when Chelsea loaned Brian Fiabema, who scored his first goal with Trondelag 2-1 in extra time. The 19-year-old was thus rewarded with a leading position with Sæter against KBK.

– humble boy

And it didn’t take long for the striker to send the home team into the lead. After RBK pressured at the start, it ended up with a column from Carlo Holse with Sæter, who hit the cross at Serigne Mbaye in the KBK cage.

The hosts kept pushing, and after just over 20 minutes, Hulse was back on his way again. Fibima found the post alone in front of the goalkeeper, but this time Mbaye did not let himself be outdone. Instead, the guests tied seconds later.

A foul by Pavel Vagic was picked up by Liridon Kalludra, who advanced towards RBK’s goal before playing Diop. Senegalese shot was out of reach for the last defense Andre Hansen.

But ten minutes before the break, new RBK scorer Sæter reappeared. The 26-year-old nodded Hansen at KBK captain Aliou Coly and smashed the ball into the goal 2-1.

– I am a multi-level player, so it depends on the taste of the goalkeeper. Both are fine, said Sæter, describing himself as a “humble boy” when asked about goals in the break.

Hat trick and handshake

But Sæter did not finish in the spotlight at Lerkendale, for two minutes into the second half, he completed a hat-trick after clubs and gossip at KBK Stadium. The 26-year-old was not modest when in front of the “Kjernen” audience he skipped ecstasy.

The RBK striker did not just stand in front of the goal. After an hour’s play, he also received a yellow card after tore KBK’s Max Williamson’s stopper to the floor after a heavy handshake.

The next minutes calmed down the match, while the guests got more into the match. Meanwhile, Fiebema chased after his first RBK target at Eliteserien. Sæter was still the closest to 4-1, when he hit the crossbar from about 20 metres, ten minutes before full time.

And so both RBK and Sæter could enjoy stomping from a very happy crowd in the final minutes, after losing 1-3 to Lillestrøm in the previous series round and nearly knocking out the cup midweek.

Trøndelag meets Viking in the next round, while Kristiansund travels to Lillestrøm.

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