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This article was first published in the capital.

Drinks: The French-themed, cocktail bar Bar Bardot, named after the French actor, artist, and model, is located a stone’s throw from the National Theatre. With the castle as the closest neighbour.

The attachment to eccentric names in surreal art may be seen as a bit of a rebellion in the 1960s. Brigitte Bardot was also the super lover of French artist Serge Gainsbourg (or should we say she took him to her lover?), which probably didn’t make it any better.

Bar Bardot has attempted to create a delicate bar with a French vibe, using velvet, chandeliers, and portraits of iconic actors like Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci on the walls.

During business hours, the bar has an aroma machine that creates a fresh floral scent. Because no one likes the smell of old beer.

– Many guests come here and note that it smells like the French hotel chain Hotell Kost, says Michael Johansson, general manager.

User Paris

The bar opened in November 2021, just before the bar stopped.

You never know when you will launch a new concept if it will work. We were able to drive a few weekends before stopping drinking and we understood this would be a success.

The place used to house Miss Sophie’s, where on weekends the queue often stretches out the door, packed with hungry people for lunch. Half of the bar today is owned by the previous owners.

Now, however, avocado toast and hard-boiled eggs have been replaced by a large wine and cocktail list, cheeses, ham, and olives. Bright pastel colors with Miami ViceThe sentiment has been replaced by the romantic, deep emerald hues that flood Paris – or the Hotel Pigalle in Gothenburg, in Michael’s opinion. The Art Deco-style menu brings to mind the decadent French capital of the 20th century.

former splendor

Bardot’s bar, however, kept a small piece of the old Miss Sophie.

Miss Sophie is a spring and summer drink based on three wines. The first gin, preferably regular dry gin that does not add much spice to the drink. So Yusu sake, an interesting Japanese drink with lots of citrus flavor, is almost reminiscent of limoncello. And Aperol which is very popular. Especially in summer.

Miss Sophie, along with Brigitte Bardot and Mr. Bardot, prepare the signature drinks, and are, in fact, a sort of “sour”. It is fruity, but at the same time sour.

Miss Sophie: - A spring and summer drink based on three types of wine, says the waiter.  Photo: Evind Jeseth/Capital

Miss Sophie: – A spring and summer drink based on three types of wine, says the waiter. Photo: Evind Jeseth/Capital

Recipe: Miss Sophie


1.5 cl gin

1.5 cl Yusu

1.5 cl Aperol

1 cl of brine of sugar

2.5 cl apple juice

1.5 cl of fresh lemon juice

1 ml egg white

lemon twist for garnish

– Apple juice – not from concentrate – makes the drink so amazing Fresh without getting too sweet. Plus, the drink has fresh lemon juice and a sugar brine to balance everything out, plus egg whites for foam.

Aperol gives the drink a peachy and very attractive “Miss Sophie color” color.

Pour all ingredients into an empty shaker. Grate dry to distribute the egg whites, add ice cubes and shake again. Strain the ice-filled rock glass to the brim. Johansson concludes the garnish with a touch of lemon.

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