Recipe: Bedouin Sami way

In Norway we celebrate two national days: May 17, which is Constitution Day, and February 6, which is Sami Day.

Sami food is a great opportunity to learn about both Sami culture and history, and for Sami people’s day, Bidu is a sure-fire Sunday dinner winner.

Learn about Sami culture – through food

People like to use reindeer meat in stews as a substitute for other types of meat. Ragnhild Kolvereid, MatPrat’s Reindeer Meat Project Manager, explains in a press release that it shows numbers from a new survey conducted by YouGov, on behalf of MatPrat in 2022.

Baidus is a traditional Sami party dish, in which reindeer meat is used with potatoes and vegetables in good strength. Barbecue reindeer cut into large cubes can replace cooked meat, and is probably a more available raw material throughout the country.

This is a dish for big celebrations and can be easily increased if you are having dinner guests. Now that the country has opened its doors more, Biddu is perfect for having dinner with a few people around the table. How about inviting someone you haven’t met in a while to Sunday dinner, Kolvereid encourages.

Only half of their kids have tasted reindeer meat

The survey by YouGov showed that about half of children under the age of 12 have tasted reindeer meat. On the other hand, in Oslo, there are far fewer children who have tasted reindeer meat; Here the number is about one in four.

– You will find a simple recipe for Bedouin on We also have a more comprehensive step-by-step recipe on, which older kids can use if they want to try making bedo. Most kids learn about Sami culture in kindergarten or school this week, and making a Sami dish to celebrate Sami People’s Day is a great way to share and embrace the diversity found in Norway, Colvered says.

Reindeer meat can be found in most freezer counters across the country.

– Drop by the store during the week and pick up reindeer meat from the freezer. But reindeer meat is a rare commodity, so don’t wait too long if you want to secure reindeer meat for a Sami holiday, says Colvered.

Picture of Baidus: Matbrate

Labado recipes

Nomads are the traditional party food of the Sami people. There are many different recipes for Baidu, and they can be made with or without thickening. This recipe is powder-free and full of flavour.

4 servings:

500 g grilled reindeer meat or reindeer meat

2 tablespoons butter for frying

7 deciliters of reindeer strength, possibly water

3 dl water for flour

3 tablespoons wheat flour

4 pcs. potato

2 pieces carrot

1 piece. an onion

Maybe approx. 4 drops of colored sugar

This is what you do

Gahkko - Sami bread Photo: MatPrat

Qahko – Sami Bread Photo: Matbrate

Cut the meat into slices approx. 3×3 cm large pieces.

Fry the meat in a pan with butter a few times until you get a nice crust. Put all the meat in the pot when you’re done browning.

Pour on power, maybe water.

Make flour. Put the water and flour in a cup, put the lid on, and shake until the mixture is smooth.

Pour the flour mixture over the meat and use a small strainer to avoid clumps. Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring.

Peel and grate the pumpkin and squeeze the juice. Cut the potatoes and vegetables into medium-sized pieces. Put the chops in the skillet when the meat is tender.

Continue cooking over medium heat until potatoes and meat are completely cooked through. 10 minutes.

Season with salt and pepper. If you want a darker sauce, you can add a few drops of caramel.

Serve tubes hot with whole wheat flour, fresh bread, butter and cranberries. What about the experience of Jahko – Sami bread?

Tips: You can diversify the soup with leeks and other vegetables. So Bedouin is no longer simple and original, but it tastes incredibly good.

(Source: Matbrate)

Let the kids try their hand at Bedu step by step.

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