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Google (Alphabet Inc.)

Alphabet from Google is one of the operators with the highest level of quantitative data processing. Google Inc. announced in 2019 that it had achieved “quantitative superiority”. In other words, their quantum processor, Sycamore, succeeded in doing its first job that did something that classical computers could not.

However, IBM quickly questioned this, claiming that the same problem could be solved by a standard computer, except that it would take days, compared to the few minutes that Sycamore took.

In the second half of 2020, a smaller version of sycamore reached another milestone by performing its first quantum chemical reaction.

In May 2021, Google opened its new Quantum AI Campus in Santa Barbara, California, and set a new goal: to build the world’s first “useful and error-correcting” quantum computer by 2029. 1

Google, in a sense, opened up this effort to the public when they announced a quantum computing service in December 2021. This allows customers to send their computer programs to Google, to run on quantum computing hardware. In the laboratory in Santa Barbara.

Google hopes that they can solve problems that humanity has been unable to solve for centuries with this kind of computing power. This includes developing better medicines, avoiding world hunger and solving the problems of climate change. However, there is still a long way to go.

The only recent news regarding Google and its quantitative data processing has been speculation. For example, there have been rumors that Google Inc. It may include Sandbox, the company’s secret quantum division, not associated with its AI campus. Nothing concrete has been confirmed, and it will be years before more tangible milestones are achieved.

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