Open for freight trains from Narvik to New Delhi

On May 1, a new freight route will open on the Ofot line: then the first shipment will leave Narvik for Helsinki. It could provide climate-friendly transportation of Northern Norwegian goods around the hemisphere.

A long freight train transporting ore on the Ofot line.  On the same tracks, CargoNet will now drive Northern Norwegian exports to Finland - and perhaps from there to the world?  Photo: Hilde Lilljord, Bane NOR

The Freemover newspaper reports that the port of Narvik is located behind the new train track. With the support of the Nordland County Municipality, they have engaged CargoNet AS, which will transport goods on the Ofot line and to the Swedish-Finnish border.

On the Finnish side, Nurminen Logistics Oy will take charge and transport the goods to Helsinki. There, the world is open to northern Norwegian exporters; From here it passes smoothly through the European continent and East Asia.

We think the potential is great, and we have good partners in both Norway and Finland. I look forward to the departure of the first train and I am optimistic,” said Narvik Port Manager, Borg Edwardsen Klingan.

Want to expand east

From Helsinki, Normenen has weekly direct trains to Asia. The fastest way east is through Russia. Today, there is little interest in maintaining this transport route, but Asian markets can still be reached via the Baltic states and transport to the southeast.

CargoNet’s commercial director, Carl Fredrik Carlsen, says they want to open up more opportunities for exporters of Norwegian goods.

– This new track will be played every two weeks. Hopefully the interest is big enough to expand. The goal is to build a networkable transport artery in Asia. This is also a nice passage for goods going to the Far East in Europe, Karlsen tells

Fresh fish on bars?

Previously, Carlsen says, goods destined for Finland have traveled on roads with trailers. Now there is a more sustainable solution; Railways.

– This replaces many trucks on the roads. We will finally settle the case and check the sizes for which there is interest to export. If this becomes large enough, we can increase the supply, says CargoNet director.

The port director Klingan told Fremover that this is an important and climate-friendly investment for northern Norway:

There is a strong focus on existing markets and development opportunities in the Upper North. In addition, there are many destinations that can be reached via Helsinki. The port manager says that the new train route, for example, has every chance of opening a new “local market” for fresh fish.

It is believed that the transport offer will be an important part of the green logistics solutions of the future to and from Narvik, the city which is the largest center in Northern Norway for the transportation of goods.

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