Odd encourages partners to choose fossil-free / exotic

In collaboration with the Vestfold County Municipality and Telemark Climate and Energy Network, Odd chose to come up with this call:

To drive society in the right direction, Odds Ballklubb encourages all of our suppliers: Choose fossil-free when transporting goods and services.

The goal for us is to jointly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, among other things by moving to fossil-free vehicles, preferably to electricity, hydrogen and biogas.

Stranger plays football for the future. And we want to help secure a future for everyone.

The advocacy is part of a joint effort in our region. The Climate & Energy Network, led by the county municipalities of Vestfold and Telemark, has taken the initiative to issue a joint declaration among all member companies. Corporations, municipalities, and academia stand together.

The transportation sector accounts for the largest emissions in our region, by industry. The market for fossil-free compounds is becoming more mature and increasingly accessible.

Will your business be involved in this? Odd seeks collaborations and agreements with suppliers who choose to switch to fossil-free vehicles where possible. Get in touch with us if this is something your company wants or can be involved in.

Odds General Manager Ballklubb signed a declaration on fossil-free transfer to the Climate and Energy Network at a breakfast meeting at Skagerak Energi during Industriuka June 1st:

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