Notification of European Cooperation between Norway and Germany via UCPM

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the German health authorities, together with partners at the federal and state levels, have coordinated the transfer of patients from Ukraine and neighboring countries to Germany. The so-called Kleeblatt Mechanism, a vessel for transporting intensive care patients during the coronary artery pandemic, expanded constantly during the war in Ukraine.

Through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), participating countries support Ukraine or neighboring countries in the transportation and medical treatment of sick and injured people. At present, air transportation of large groups of patients is one of the most common modes of transportation for these MEDEVAC assignments.

The Medevac tasks carried out by the German armed forces are now completed, and many other carriers are available as partners. What is new now is the collaboration with Norway in transferring larger groups of patients within UCPM. Norway has also been involved in the transportation and treatment of patients at UCPM since the beginning of the war. Through this partnership, on the one hand, we gain more experience and use established competence, and on the other hand, synergies and resources are shared.

For Norway, this is a great way to contribute with competence and ability where they are naive and others cannot. At the same time we help, this provides valuable experience and expertise that also enhances our preparedness.

With this concerted and tireless effort, Ukraine will continue to support transportation and care for the wounded and sick.

See also the press release of the German health authorities

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