Norway international match goes as planned – NFF studying intensive preparation

In the aftermath of the shooting near a London pub in Oslo on Saturday night, the Oslo Pride-related events were called off on recommendations from the police. And at a press conference about the shooting on Saturday morning, the police did not recommend canceling the national game, which will be held at 17.00 on Saturday.

– There are many major events, such as Tons of Rock and the National Match. There are no recommendations that this should be cancelled. We believe we will be able to secure these events in a safe manner. “We’ve implemented visible and invisible measures in the community,” Police Inspector Tori Soldal said at the press conference.

The Norwegian Football Association’s director of competition, Nils Fiskejon, has confirmed to NRK that the match will go as planned, but the NFF is considering increasing readiness for a settlement.

– We are in dialogue with the police. FisketjĂžnn tells NRK that extensive emergency preparedness is being considered.

It was announced on Friday morning that 15,300 tickets had been sold for the match which Norway hopes to break the crowd record for a women’s international match in Norway. The record is 15,762 spectators and was set against the United States in a warm-up match for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Norway will soon participate in the European Football Championship. The European Championship runs from 6 to 31 July.

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