NHO: Bus Settlement Agreement on Overtime – Avoiding Strike

“We are pleased that an agreement has been reached so that bus companies can transport passengers to work, school and leisure activities in a safe and environmentally friendly manner,” NHO Transport CEO Jon H. Stordrange says in a press release.

NHO Transport has negotiated a bus industry agreement with Fellesforbundet and Yrkestrafikkforbundet. Spekter negotiated in parallel with the same organizations, as well as the trade union and the Norwegian Railways Association.

Pension from the first crown

The agreement includes, among other things, an agreement on a first kroner pension and an advance payment of sick pay for bus drivers, the NHO wrote. The outcome, negotiated with the help of the ombudsman, will be put to referendum by the employee.

We have received support for the significant improvements in the day-to-day work that we have been fighting for for several years, as well as a good financial result, says Professional Traffic Association chief negotiator Linda Jæger in a press release.

– The majority of the negotiating delegation recommends a settlement. This means that buses and light rails run as usual on Saturday. The outcome of the negotiations will now pass to a referendum for the members of the four organizations. Jæger says if the proposal obtains a majority among the total members, the settlement is approved.

Avoid hits

The Professional Traffic Association represents 6000 of the more than 12,000 organized bus drivers who could eventually be covered by a strike.

In the first round, 2,362 bus drivers and light rail drivers in large parts of the country could have been taken out if an agreement had not been reached.

The strike involved drivers in most parts of the country, but most were out in Finnmark, Kristiansand, Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger.

The mediation deadline was at midnight on Saturday, but the parties did not agree until ten hours after the deadline expired.

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