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Nisudin: This year’s summer school under the auspices of Nesodden Tennis Club is in full swing with 40 happy kids and a passionate coach.

Great start

Emta spoke to two of the coaches at the summer school. One of them is David Lang Nielsen (23 years old).

– It went well, yes. Surprisingly really good. There are very positive and happy kids who signed up. I also thought that kids are very good and that in the end everyone gets to what we do. But it is clear that children are at different levels. So initially, some participants needed more time than others to achieve this. The coach says, but everyone understands that.

In the summer school, both children who have previously played tennis and those who are completely new meet.

– This camp is mostly for beginners, but there are also some competitive players here. Anyway, we’re following everyone up so everyone can have something to work on. But many of the newbies out here at the summer school seem to think it’s so much fun that they’d like to join next year too. This is a nice feedback.

Hopes for new members.

David Lange-Nielsen admits that one of the goals of the summer school is for the Nesodden Tennis Club to get new members.

– This year there are about 40 registered for two weeks. There were a few who participated last year, but we still think this year’s participation is good. Many seem to want to continue tennis and at least join the summer school here until next year as well. I think the reason we are less than last year is because there are a lot of people going on vacation abroad this year. The 23-year-old coach believes that the past two years have already been marked by Corona.

Vivian Alexandra Lordach (29) is also the coach at the summer camp. She believes that many of the children involved are talented.

– I am very happy with the children involved and I thought they were very good. There are many talented children here. I play with them a lot, because children love to play matches, Vivian smiles.

I tried tennis for the first time

Casper Endresen-Graneng (10 years old) is a summer camp participant.

“This is my first time trying tennis,” he explains.

He says he has a positive impression of the sport.

– It was very interesting my experience. I didn’t know much about tennis before, but now I feel pretty good, says the 10-year-old.

He believes that this is the most fun thing in sports.

– There is no doubt that the matches are the most fun. I also thought it was fun to learn new percussion techniques like forehand and backhand strokes. There is still a lot to learn, and I want to learn to smash. I still haven’t learned it yet, but it sounds great, he says.

Fia (8) will start playing tennis

His cousin, Fia H√łyland Endresen, is also in summer school. It’s pretty clear what it means:

– I recommend everyone to go to summer camp here.

– I thought it was so much fun in summer school so far. It was so much fun that now I’m going to start playing tennis. Therefore, I recommend everyone to go to summer camp here at the Nesodden Tennis Club, and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to start regularly or not after that, says Fia, who does not doubt what is the most interesting:

– I thought it was very fun to hit the ball when I’m playing a game. In particular, it is very fun to receive the ball with two rackets, she says.

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