news, sports | A great start to summer for Bella and Josephine – many highlights are on the way

Drupak/Allrodbanin: – It’s good to start the summer vacation this way, say the girls who play in a very good eight-year team at the DFI.

– yes. We are good and we win most of our matches. The coach’s name is cool and he’s very good. Says the duo, who goes to Drøbak School where they will be in fourth grade this fall. But before that, they should have a lot of fun.

– The thing that would be more fun for me would be to travel to Croatia. Bella says it would be delicious, while Josephine is a little unsure of where exactly she is going.

– I’m going to where my mom lives, and I think it’s very cold there. Before her school friends line up for a shoot at AMTA, says Josephine, it might be cool anyway.


Photo series: Find out who’s at the DFI Football School this week

pretty bunch

In the tiny Ullerud stadium, Amtasporten finds a great group, which will start the competition in heaven or hell – basically a form of penalty kick competition where the player who doesn’t score, of course, runs out. Respectively Albert, Sander, Falk, Oliver, Liam, Marius, Brewer, Helmer, Olaf and Axel put the ball straight into the penalty area, while coaches Isaac and Emil made sure everything went according to fair play. And one burr sat in the net, after another, and the boys were so good they didn’t have time to finish before lunch. But fortunately, the adorable gang managed to take a group photo in honor of the photographer.


Primus Motor and Football School Principal and Academy Director Morten Andersen had to realize this year that there were a few fewer than last year.

– But this was the case in the post-Corona period. Activity has decreased among the kids and then we adults have to go up on the roof to get the kids back into the sport. Especially the younger ones, who have not already started any sports.

“I’m still very happy with about 150 kids involved, and I can promise them a great week here in Ullerud,” said equally enthusiastic Morten before leaving for lunch after the first session at KIWI Football School of the year.

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