News, Belfjell | Gives the cabin away: – We would like someone to enjoy it

A few days ago, a slightly out-of-the-ordinary advertisement appeared on Belfjeel’s Facebook page;

The cabin has been abandoned. 5 x 10 meters. Kløvnattsetervegen 86. The cab stands on stilts and can be moved easily. Transportation must be arranged by yourself.”

From 1978

So far, Blefjell’s small cabin hasn’t received new owners, but there have been some inquiries.

– Why do you give up the cabin?

—Because we built a new cabin on our land, we also thought this might be a great opportunity for those who want an affordable cabin in Blevgill, says Winch Hansen, who lives in Asker.

She says they are friends who own the cabin together and used it for two years before they built a new one.

The cabin is located in Kløvnattsetervegen, about 1.6 kilometers from Blefjell Logde. It’s from 1978 and according to people who checked them out, the model is called ‘Belfjellheita’.

It can also be divided

They do not want money for the cabin, but whoever gets it must arrange transportation himself.

– They stand on poles and should be easy to move around, says Hansen.

The cottage is 47 square meters and has three bedrooms. It has running water, a small bathroom and an external toilet, which is also included.

The materials in the cabin are wood and board and have no rot, Hansen said.

— but it does need some coats of paint, she says.

If one does not want the “full” cabin, it is possible to divide it. Either way, they hope they don’t have to ditch an entire usable cabin.

We want someone to enjoy it, whether it’s wholly or partly, says Hansen.

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