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With Whitesnake in town on the same day as the Beer Festival opening, festival director Terje Demroen was a bit excited about how this would affect traffic. Perhaps there were many who wanted a can of beer that day and let it stay for a while? Thursday, the first day of the festival, passed smoothly without many people present, but then gradually recovered. On Friday, there were still barracks in the tent when I played Explotion, and on Saturday there was a heavy blow. Many beer aficionados showed up to hear Hamar Culturelle Ølvenner Åshild K Hestnæs brewer’s talk about the history of beer. Many people also agreed to give Jan Steni Gilberg the Hamars Culturelle Ølvenner Honorary Award – Øljekken.

– This is because it brings great benefit to the club, as it contributes to most of the logistics, such as storage space, refrigerated cart, refrigerator, transportation and much more. Last but not least: he has a very good mood and cannot refuse, says festival director Terry Demerwin.

He is very happy with the support on Saturday.

– Then there were a total of 3100 visitors. It’s a new record in a single day. There was a queue across the pedestrian street to get in, but everyone got a seat. He says the festival is clearly too late.

With so many beer-hungry people in a limited area, it can get a little fast, but it went well.

– No molding controller. Demerwin says PSS Security or the police have something to comment on.

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