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Bergen Gets Better: City Councilor Roger Walhammer is clear in his response to Erna Solberg: Bergen is better without your political solutions.

Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg wants to occupy the big cities. But the Labor leaders who are in charge today respond with a critique: Forget about it.


Erna Solberg has devised a battle plan to double the number of conservative mayors and win the country’s five largest cities before municipal elections next year.

But Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand Oslo has all the mayors or city council leaders of the Labor Party today. In an interview with VG on Wednesday, she was clear: Restoring power in these five cities is entirely possible.

But Stour’s crew in the big cities is pretty clear: they didn’t notice any outcry after the conservatives were restored, they told VG.

The problem for the conservatives in Bergen is not the lack of plans hatched by the party leadership in Oslo, but they have left chaos and anarchy without the last time they ruled this city, says city council leader Roger Valhammer in Bergen, Solberg’s hometown.

Over the past eight years, Bergen has become a better city to live in, and very few want to go back to what the Conservatives left behind, says Valhammer.

‘Everyone’ is happy: Even Erna Solberg’s colleagues in Stavanger think Stavanger’s labor policy is good, says Mayor Carrie Nissa Nordton (Labour)

Stavanger: – Go to

in Stavanger He was Conservative Party mayor for six consecutive terms until 2019, when APS Carrie Nysa Nordton took office.

Therefore, the oil city tops the list of cities that Solberg will take back. But Nordton’s message to Solberg is clear: Forget about it.

– Nobody misses the Conservative government in Stavanger, so Arna can keep reading, says Nordton.

She points out that free SFO for younger children, more staff at school, more permanent and full-time jobs, and free vacations for children are measures that have now been implemented. Nordton claims the business community is satisfied, too.

Even conservatives are so happy that in the previous budget process they didn’t have a single proposal to improve the business community in Stavanger, she says.

EXIT RITA: Rita Ottervik has been a magnet for voters in Trondheim.

– Wrong way

in Trondheim ABS has ruled Rita Ottervik since 2003. She is now not running for re-election. This means Solberg believes conservatives have a chance to seize power there as well.

Ottervik’s party colleague, Roar Aas, who is the leader of the Labor group in the city council, gives Solberg the right to be a choice between more private solutions, or more investment in public supply.

We focus on community solutions, strong public welfare services, adequate working conditions and good quality in our schools and health institutions. We record that Erna’s recipe is privatization. We know this well from the bourgeois budget publishers in Trondheim. The money they will give to schools and health is obtained from privatization and simplification of municipal services. Ase says Labor thinks this is the wrong way.

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Brikby: The mayor of Christians and Jan Odvar Skeesland has been in open conflict with his party colleagues and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store in the past two weeks.

struggling hard

in Kristiansand The mayor has come from the Conservative Party for 35 of the last 42 years. But it is the Labor Party that is ruling now. The bitter row between local Labor and the government to separate Søgne and Songdalen means Solberg sees great opportunities for a conservative return in the southern village.

But despite the poor starting point, Labor’s new mayoral candidate Kenneth Mork believes that Labor’s political solutions will secure four more years.

– Kristiansand is in a special situation, but the measures that have been implemented in our city have led to a decline in the number of children brought up in low-income families. During the Conservative Party’s tenures in mayor and city power, it rose steadily. That’s thanks to good social democratic politics, and a major change in what we want to spend money on, says Mork.

– We test that the conservatives and the supporting parties on the bourgeois side constantly underestimate them, to say the least, he adds.

Low scores – high target: Raymond Johansen is struggling in the polls, but he thinks he will be able to keep conservatives out of city council offices next year, too.

weaken Raymond

But perhaps Solberg’s biggest victory is the recapture of the capital. The Conservatives were leading the Conservative Party from 1997 to 2015. Since then, the president of Oslo has been Raymond Johansen.

Opinion polls at the moment, with Labor clearly weak, suggest that the Conservatives have a chance of reclaiming power – if they can build coalitions and also potential coalition parties do well.

But Raymond Johansen does not believe that the people of Oslo want the Conservatives back.

– In cities, most ordinary people live, while for 8 years Solberg gives priority to those who have more than before, and people notice that, says Johansson

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