Jørn Hoel’s Dinner Recipe from 16 Weeks from Hell

– Yorn, ass! They have tasted there! It’s a bit like the experience of the tongue transitioning from watching black and white TV to color, says captive Sandeep Singh.

– And what makes it even more digging is that we eat it with a clear conscience.

Christer Falck takes it even more difficult:

– Yorn is good at cooking!

There was no shortage of praise when Yorn Hall invited the other “16 Weeks of Hell” participants to dinner. Because where others lived on protein shakes, tasteless chicken breasts, rice and vegetables, Hoel made the food he wanted — under program dietitian Anette Skarpaas Ramm.

– Eating healthy shouldn’t be boring, enthusiast Jörn Hall tells Dagbladet.

Lifestyle change, not diet

The list of foods that the participants were allowed to eat might not seem very exciting at first glance. There was some wild rice, long-grain rice or other carbs, lean meat or fish, and lots of veggies. Simple and clean flavours.

– I was very clear to the nutritionist that I did not want to participate in a program on the topic of dieting. I am in Lifestyle change. I want to do something I can live with after that, too. I couldn’t live with just eating food that was so amazing Normal.

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