Join us on a great mountain hike

Don’t miss this opportunity! Fjellbanken creates a free bus to and from Oslo bus station and gives you the opportunity to experience the wonderful mountain landscapes west of Jotunheimen and Utladalen on a wonderful three-day trip.

From June 24 to 26, Fjellbanken members of DNT Oslo and the surrounding area invite you to a mountain hike from Sognefjellet and down beautiful Utladalen. The trek is led by our skilled and customary DNT mountain guides – join this unforgettable trek!

From Utladalen between Fannaråken and Skogadalsbøen

From Utladalen between Fannaråken and Skogadalsbøen Photo: Monica Hägglund Langen

3 days of hiking in the mountains and accommodation in some of the most beautiful areas of Gothenheim

Do you dream of a mountain walk among high mountains, beautiful peaks, wild nature, among flowing rivers and majestic waterfalls? On this trip, we go from 1,267 meters above sea level and down to Hjelle at 75, while staying in two of our idyllic cabins. This will be an extraordinary experience. We recommend bringing someone you want to share this experience with!

Friday 24 June: Free bus from Oslo bus station to Krossbu Turisthytte
Bus from Oslo bus station on Friday at 13.00. On Friday we arrive at Krossbu which is ideally located near Sognefjellsveien and surrounded by more than twenty peaks of 2,000 metres. Within walking distance of Krossbu, Smørstabbreen is Jotunheimen’s largest glacier.

Saturday 25 June: flight from Krossbu Turisthytte (1267 masl) to Skogadalsbøen (832 masl)
On this day, the trip goes to Skogadalsbøen, the jewel of Jotunheimen, where we walk up the high mountains and down the Vetle Utladalen to the DNT serviced cabin. If we’re lucky with the weather, we get a great view of both the Smørstabbreen block and Fannaråken, which lie on either side of the track. The trip is on a beautiful road and is a relatively easy one. Trails were laid in the wet marshy areas of Vetle-Utladalen.
In Bøen it is as if time stands still and it is easy to drop your shoulders, let go of the chase and find joy in the serene nature of beautiful nature.

Sunday 26 June: flight from Skogadalsbøen (832 masl) to Hjelle (75 masl) and bus to Oslo Bus Terminal
The trip continues from Skogadalsbøen and south down wild and beautiful Utladalen, with a chance of beautiful views of Hurrungane and the majestic Vettisfossen.

This is a complex trip, where registration applies to buses and excursions with tour guides, and where accommodation must be booked by the individual (according to the conditions that apply to accommodation).

Everything you need to know about the flight and to register can be found here. Note that the registration deadline is June 9.

Vettisfossen - the highest free waterfall in Northern Europe.

Vettisfossen – the highest free waterfall in Northern Europe. Photo: Evind Haugstad Klevin

About the cooperation of DNT Oslo and Omegn with Fjellbanken

Fjellbanken | Sparebank 1 Lom og Skjåk is an important partner of DNT Oslo and Omegn. DNT Oslo og Omegn has several cabins and trails in the main area of ​​Fjellbanken, and we share a common interest in promoting and contributing to unique nature experiences in our beautiful mountain regions of Breheimen and Jotunheimen. The important objectives of the collaboration are to secure jobs in the DNT serviced cabins and to contribute to the creation of an exciting and sustainable tourism offer in the region.

Not sure if you are a member?

As a DNT Oslo og Omegn and DNT member, you get a membership price for DNT’s 550 cabins, discounts on outdoor gear and DNT excursions. You support our work to locate and clean trails in Marka and the mountain and operate DNT booths. Here we have collected information for you who want to register and for whom you are already a member.

Check if you are a member here

Photo courtesy of Lush Skogadalsbøen.

Photo courtesy of Lush Skogadalsbøen. Photo: Marius Dahlsig Str

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