IKEA is building 300 charging points for electric cars

IKEA has had charging points for electric cars in all major stores in Norway since 2016. Now the number and capacity has been greatly increased so that it is even easier to visit IKEA with an electric car.

The investment helps us achieve our ambitious goals of more sustainable transportation for customers and employees and not least home delivery, says Siri Norhagen, director of sustainability at IKEA Norway, in a press release.

We have a great responsibility

IKEA is working to ensure zero emissions from its transportation and home delivery by 2025. In addition, emissions related to customer and employee travel to and from supermarkets will be reduced by 50 percent by 2030.

– We have many who visit our supermarkets and we have a great responsibility to the people and neighborhoods we are in, says Siri Norhagen.

Among the charging points installed in the IKEA department store, there will be at least 16 lightning chargers with the option to increase the charge to 24 lightning chargers. Charging stations can also be used by IKEA electric cars for home delivery. In addition to lightning chargers, each warehouse will have at least 20 regular charging points for customers and employees.

The demand for home delivery is growing, and IKEA has a great responsibility to ensure that these deliveries are made in a more sustainable way. By investing in new chargers, we are one step closer to achieving our zero-emission home delivery goal in all of our markets, says Siri Norhagen.

Work is already underway on new charging points, and they will be completed during 2022 and 2023. The new offer will replace the current charging offer available in supermarkets today.

Recharging: Make it easier

Ikea takes care of the locations, while the charging points operator Recharge owns the charging points, and is responsible for installation, maintenance and operation.

At Recharge, we are constantly working to make charging an electric vehicle easier and more convenient, which is why we are pleased to continue our collaboration with IKEA. With between 16 and 24 lightning chargers per department store, we’re sure IKEA will be an attractive charging station for many electric drivers. We are proud of our ability to contribute to enabling more people to choose zero-emission vehicles, an important prerequisite for a green transition, says Elise Thorvaldsen, Director of Communications at Recharge.

IKEA and Recharge will install more than 1,000 charging points in Scandinavia, more than 300 of which will be in Norway.

Lightning chargers have a power between 150 and 300 kW and use load balancing technology to achieve the best and fastest results.

Charging Points are owned and operated by Recharge. Shipping cost is paid by the user at all charging points, and this applies to both customers and employees.

Work on the planning and installation of charging points has already begun, and it is expected that the charging points will be installed by the end of 2023.

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