Huge fundraising response: – Unspeakable gratitude

Stjørdal Frivilligsentral collaborated on a fundraising campaign on March 8 and 9, given the situation in Ukraine.


Ismail Youssef, along with environmental workers at the volunteer center, Fida Afif and Tor Andreas Huggsens, were among those who helped.
picture: Stjørdal Municipality / Peter Sevatdal Mollerup


Become an emergency room for Ukrainian refugees

The fundraiser was a collaboration between the Business Association of the Værnes Region, Stjørdal Volunteer Centre, Børstad Transport AS, Stjørdal Municipality and not least everyone who donated.

The president of the Stjørdal Volunteer Center, Siri Bones, described the group as a huge success.

– She’s been so busy these days, because the response has been so great. We had longer hours because of that and the crowd that showed up was great, says Bones.

The comments received by the Volunteer Center from the attendees were as follows:

People really appreciate their ability to contribute something. What people read and hear about the situation made an impression. Thus, many wanted to help make it easier for the fugitives, she continues.

Help when needed

Bones says those at the stock exchange did not otherwise notice that the business is affected by the situation in Ukraine.

“The refugees haven’t come here yet, but when and if they do, we will be ready to help wherever there is a need and where we can make a difference,” she says.

Environmental workers at the volunteer center, Fida Afif, were also present these days and contributed to, as well as experiencing the commitment from the group up close.


With great commitment, volunteer center environmental workers, Vida Afif with Tor Andreas Høgsnes, contributed to the packing and dispatch of the goods.
picture: Stjørdal Municipality / Peter Sevatdal Mollerup


Romanians help needy Ukrainians


14 pallets and 170 boxes

Some of what was packed and sent were baby food, diapers, cell phones, painkillers, batteries and sleeping bags.

14 pallets, 170 boxes and a large amount of goods were dispatched on Thursday of the same week. “The flight first heads south to Oslo with Børstad Transport, before being dispatched in cooperation with Den Ukrainske Forening, which has close contact with the embassy,” said the Stjørdal municipality’s Facebook page.

We and the municipality at the volunteer center also published information about what is urgently needed. At the same time, people took up the project on their own and are incredibly helpful these days. Siri Bones concludes that gratitude is indescribable.


: Jørgen Mære from Børstad Transport AS satisfied with the package.
picture: Fada Afif

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