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Pilots and the mediation SAS management have begun to settle wages and if there is a strike, travelers with SAS can expect major problems.

SAS is facing a huge financial problem and is going to restructure the company.

In the event of a strike, we have passengers of EU legislation with us to claim compensation.

Tourism legal advisor Rolf Forsdahl co-drafted the compensation rules applicable in the European Union, and he fears the worst.

Rolf Forsdahl

Rolf Forsdale says people should be active with airlines to assert their rights.

Photo: NRK

– What SAS can expect is a storm on several fronts. Customers will call in great numbers, both those who have ordered, those who will order, and those who intend to travel. What they all have in common is that they want to change their flights, and that means breaking phone lines. He tells NRK that it will be impossible to get staff who can give us the advice we have about consumers.

– SAS will also be able to test pressure to meet the requirements of the European Union Regulation on the Rights of Air Passengers. He stresses that it is more difficult to find alternative travel, because the airline is obligated to find an alternative travel offer.

Now in the summer season, many planes are already full, so it can be difficult to find replacement tickets for a vacation flight.

Being right does not mean being right

Even if the legal rights are clear and enshrined in EU regulations, it is not certain that everything will go smoothly for passengers who might be affected by a strike at the SAS.

Many passengers will try to arrange themselves and get an alternative mode of transport, and then claim compensation.

Claiming the compensation you can file is nothing.

Before a possible strike, it is important to plan in advance as usual. Arrive at the airport as usual unless you have received another message.

We as passengers have no rights until the strike becomes a reality.

When there was a strike at SAS 2019, soon there were queues of frustrated passengers
Photo: NTB

If you are not sure if you will be affected by a strike at SAS and have to travel on a specific date, it may be an alternative to securing tickets with another airline.

Just be aware that the planes are already very full and tickets are few.

For example, Norwegian Airlines does not provide the opportunity to purchase tickets with a full refund during the period when a pilot’s strike may affect SAS.

Watch closely

Thomas Iverson at the Consumer Council

Thomas Iverson of the Consumer Council says you have several options if the flight is cancelled

Photo: Consumer Council

It is important to keep track of information that comes from the airline, explains Consumer Advocate for the Consumer Council, Thomas Iversen.

– You will receive information from the airline if the flight is canceled and what rights you have, he confirms.

It indicates that you have several options in case the flight is canceled and you can also claim compensation according to certain rules. You can get help with this on the Consumer Council website.

You are entitled to housing, food, drink, and transportation If you have to wait for a long time to start. If you have to pay some of this yourself, you are entitled to a reimbursement of your expenses in addition to any standard compensationhe explains.

Will follow EU regulations

SAS will not be interviewed about rights and reparations in an ongoing dispute when the parties are in mediation, but press director Tonje Bjerve Sund wrote in an email:

SAS Press Director, Tonje Bjerve Sund

Tonje Bjerve Sund at SAS says the company follows the law

Photo: SAS

“We will in all cases follow applicable laws, rules and obligations to the customer, and will do our best to take care of them.”

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