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– It was important to celebrate joy on a day like today, Hegerberg tells NRK.

It was a very special place around the special international match against New Zealand.

As the Pride parade was called off after the Oslo killings, police gave the green light to fight on the national scene. With mourning bandages and the colors of the rainbow, the players and the audience observed a minute’s silence before the match started.

You will be very proud and grateful that he was allowed to play for Norway on a day like this,” Caroline Graham Hansen tells NRK.


Two ties: All the Norwegian players had rainbow bands and mourning bandages on their arms prior to the match. The latter remained seated throughout the match.

Photo: Martin Solhaug Standal / NTB

– About standing together

The match is one of two warm-up matches for the European Championship, and the home team is also knocked out in the 100 from the start. Julie Blackstad started what would eventually become a storm, but the New Zealand goalkeeper Victoria Eason stood in the way again and again.

Hegerberg could have added a goal to the visitors’ lead if his free kick had been a little less.

The 26-year-old celebrated by borrowing the rainbow-colored bandage of Captain Marine McGildy and raising it towards the sky and the audience.

– What to say..when such things happen..it’s about standing together and showing love, Hegerberg says of the celebration.

– It’s a very special day. The 26-year-old says it was important to entertain the audience, who were here to cheer us up.

– Match some debris inside of it

The second half was less eventful than the first, but four minutes of extra time made Guru Bergswand 2-0. The midfielder hit the ball into the goal after a corner kick.

– It was a match with some wrecks, Hegerberg admits.

National team manager Martin Sjogren believes Norway has a lot to work with ahead of the European Championship.

– We’ve created a lot. However, there is a part we must improve before the European Championship. Some players need some combat training, but it’s a step in the right direction, says Sjögren, who praised Guro Pettersen’s effort on goal.

– Will she be the one who finishes in the European Championship?

– You gave a good game at least.

I did it though the private framework. Petersen points out that you get scared when you wake up to such news.

Many of my friends and colleagues were partying downtown, so of course you get really scared. At the same time, you have to perform when you’re at work, and we’re just human. This is something you have to deal with as a professional athlete, Petersen says.

“Be yourself – love whoever you want”

Hegerberg’s celebration was in many ways an extension of the festivities at Olival for The start of the match. Here there was a minute of silence for those killed after the shooting in central Oslo.

‘Be yourself – love who you want to’ and ‘Football for all’ were the messages usually advertised throughout the stadium.

For my part, it was easy to motivate one to make people happy in battle. I’m proud that they cheer for Norway, and proud that they take the time to come to Olival on a day like this, Graham Hansen tells NRK.

More selections

Over 16,500 tickets for the match were announced in advance, in which case it would have surpassed the record of 2000 when 15,762 saw Norway play the USA before the Olympics.

In the end, 12,657 spectators turned out, and the shooting in central Oslo, of course, may have hampered more.

This weekend, a number of Elite League matches will also be played. Many clubs have posted rainbow-coloured posts on social media.

Rosenborg, who beat Kristiansund 3-1 in Lerkendal, announced in advance that the celebration of pride would now be even more important.

I think all football is together today and all our thoughts go to the deceased and the relatives. It will be visible in all stadiums. I’ve seen that many have reported this, say the NFFs Andersen’s tweed puppy to NRK.

Photo: screenshot: RBKfotball

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