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Nature Conservation Ida Skjerden and «Tore Hund».

The recipe gives bread that leads to the extinction of endangered species and the destruction of nature. He cautions that passenger lodging fraud and sexual exploitation do not occur frequently:

  • Take Labor and Center Party – mix them well into a suitable mixture with an earthy, soil-hungry fist-hungry and foul-smelling.
  • Add a bit of clumsiness, weirdness, and a misplaced hatred for certain types of predators and general greed, but be careful, a little pinch suffices, there was a lot of this in the mix before.
  • He moved with political leadership from the Norwegian Sheep and Goat Breeding Federation, the Norwegian Hunters and Hunters Association, Norskog, the Norwegian Small Farmers Association, and the Norwegian Farmers Association. These are the actual main ingredients in the mixture that determine the taste and outcome.
  • Season with a sprinkle of old grabucks, zero visions or FNR, they often taste the same because they are often the same wool.
  • If you find the occasional little girl, or nature and a predator that has strayed into the mix, be fit and get them quickly, they can destroy the concentrated and bitter taste of climate and nature crisis and neutralize the mix. They will also quickly succumb to poisoning if they are not rescued.
  • Let the mixture rise until it’s bursting with veiled information, lies, gossip, complacency, and a craving for power, then it’s ready to grill. This does not take long. He explodes high on himself in the first place.
  • It should be allowed to rise in the cold in Parliament. There she was left alone. As is well known, the representatives of Parliament are in the canteen and eat cheap, subsidized food and do not notice the batter. By the way, there are many of the same mixture.
  • The hitter will rise under cover of clichés, platitudes, flatness and repetition, and poorly courted utterances of commercial and peasant interests. The word “security” will appear four digits of times. It sticks well to the mixture and means nothing to the result.
  • The mixture is baked at target 5 degrees until 2025, but it can be discarded much earlier and of course preferably long before the mixture succeeds in destroying everything from animals, nature and little girls.
  • The mixture should be seen all the way around; Without supervision and correction, the mold will go far beyond and take the entire furnace in use with the cleaning and restoration that will ensue retroactively. The surroundings will be completely destroyed. The mixture can cause irreparable damage. We must try to avoid it.
  • Insert a wand into it from time to time to check if it is gone or not. If a lot of oily dirt sticks to the stick, this is completely normal for this mixture. If the hitter is screaming in pain when stabbed, don’t worry – that’s nature! (Quote from the wolf hunter and the predator hater).
  • Then it should fry and burn for a long time, preferably forever in a very hot place.
  • If you are going to consume this bread, you should be aware that even small intakes are deadly to animals and nature and harmful to young girls, this has been proven. Bread is highly toxic and flammable because it contains high concentrations of fossil fuels that will continue to be picked up from the sea floor. You shouldn’t blow on it, he’ll be glad he thinks it’s wind turbines built by foreign companies running away with money – and that only brings us back to destructive nature.
  • This bread cannot be enjoyed, not in any way. Not suitable for indoor use. Those who swallowed everything bore their fingerprints, so to speak. Beauty is the first name only. Here we are talking about dinosaurs, which are outdated and prehistoric and are hard to digest. If you accidentally ingest any of this mixture, you will be terribly startled and bloated and suddenly think you are attracted to young girls, or you will be able to experience an irrational and irrational hatred of predators. Contact a poisons information center, in which case you need to have the toxins removed immediately.

If you are going to use this bread for anything, it is a good idea to put it in a cabin field in an untouched nature where it can get drizzled inside or be subject to floods or landslides caused by the climate crisis. You can also throw it and tip it over in a broken beach area or a decaying food field, or you can put it in an open pasture in a clear field where it can nest alongside 86,000 sheep grazing in the open every year, completely without the help of predators.

But it is best that they be disposed of before they outgrow their slack and bear the brunt of everything that lives around them. The rest of us, who prefer a healthy diet without lamb and this bread, will still have something to live on even after eating or leaving the bread.

The residues of this natural antiparasitic are sorted at source into highly toxic waste containers. Remember to destroy everything – they are definitely not suitable for reuse.

Bon appetite!

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