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Summer traffic: The photo was taken at Oslo Airport on Friday, June 3rd.

199 flights canceled on Sunday, VG overview shows. During Monday, at least 172 places were reported.


For several weeks, there has been a row between the Norwegian Aircraft Technicians Organization (NFO) and NHO Luftfart, with the latter out on Tuesday night and announcing the closure.

The night before Sunday, the lockdown went into effect, meaning aircraft technicians who had not already struck will be banned from work.

Thus 450 aircraft technicians are not allowed to go to work.

Many airlines are now affected by the traffic chaos, and more canceled flights are being reported in the future.

On Monday morning, at least 172 flights were canceled.

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We try as much as possible

Widerøe contains most of the settings. On Monday, at least 147 flights with the airline were canceled, according to VG Private Flight.

Widerøe’s Director of Communications, Katharina Soleil, told VG that the short-distance network traffic halt will extend until Monday afternoon.

“Today we will cancel the shortest flights on the short-haul network until this afternoon, but there is a high probability that all flights will be canceled today,” says Sully.

In addition to shorter flights, some longer flights have also been cancelled.

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Lockdown: Aircraft technicians’ strike began last Saturday and has already led to the cancellation of many flights. This is an illustration from April 26, 2019.

Only the right to refund the ticket

Widerøe will constantly contact passengers when they see that they will be affected by the cancellation.

– Don’t contact us, we will call you, says Sulli.

Widerøe customers whose flight has been canceled will not be able to rebook or alternate transportation. They also do not receive coverage for food and lodging.

According to Sully, Widerøe customers are now entitled to a refund only for their flight ticket.

– We no longer have the opportunity to rebook, offer alternative transportation, meals and accommodations, she tells Bergens Tidende on Sunday.

– It’s almost impossible to find places

According to VG’s overview of the flight situation in Norway and in the world, SAS canceled 20 flights on Monday. Most of them travel abroad.

According to Lars Wejelstorp Andersen, a spokesperson for SAS, this is not a shutdown feature:

– We have not had any cancellations due to closing but for other reasons.

However, he points out that they are now more vulnerable in terms of unplanned incidents that may occur.

At SAS, they try to rebook passengers in case the departure is canceled, but this is not always possible.

– It is almost impossible to find places. We’re trying as best we can, but that’s far from everyone we can rebook, says Wegelstorp Andersen at SAS to E24 on Sunday.

He notes that the vast majority of European planes are already full this summer.

Weak: The airline is more vulnerable after the lockdown goes into effect.

In Norwegian, there are not many settings. On Monday, at least two international flights were canceled.

Norwegian press official Andreas Jørnholm said the airline has canceled three times on Sunday due to the closure.

It is clear that if the conflict continues, there will be consequences, and that will mean cancellation, says Jörnholm.

Those affected will be notified of canceled flights directly by Norwegian, either by text message or email.

– If you hear nothing, you can go to the airport with the expectation that the plane will go as planned, he says.

– If it comes to your departure, you will receive a direct message from us, he says.

On Sunday, national mediator Karl Peter Martinsen told VG that he had no plans to take any immediate initiative to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.

– They know where to find me, Martinsen tells VG on Sunday morning.

There are no ambulances at the moment: – We are worried

None of the Norwegian Ambulance’s air ambulance services were on the ground as a result of the continuous strike by the aircraft technician and the shutdown of aircraft that went into effect on the night of Sunday 26 June. This was confirmed by communications consultant Ellen Specklind to VG.

However, it wouldn’t be long before the situation changed.

Åsbakk Lind denies that the 10 ambulance planes received a technical check on Saturday night before the announced shutdown of aircraft technicians, which resulted in 450 aircraft technicians covered by the Norwegian Aircraft Technicians Organization (NFO) not being allowed to go to work since midnight. Sunday night.

After this technical check, it takes 72 hours before the planes are checked again to be able to fly, Osbek Lind explains. On Tuesday evening, the planes will be checked again, but at the moment the Air Ambulance Service has only one aircraft technician on the job.

– Then the clock strikes if the situation does not change, says Lind.

– are you worried?

“We are concerned about the situation and are following it closely and reporting closely with our owners, but so far emergency preparedness is working,” she says.

However, NRK reported Sunday night that the airstrike may have consequences for patients across the country, as it could affect drug supplies. The worst thing that can happen to patients is in northern Norway.

Vital diagnoses and treatment are at risk, IFE Radiofarmasi Director Eric Flatmark told the channel.

Flight conflict also affects patients who are unable to obtain treatment.

– Monday morning, 86 flights with Widerøe to a hospital in Finnmark were booked that could not be completed, says medical officer Harald Sunde at Finnmark Hospital to NRK.

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