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The head football and the others came to the street before they were stopped.

The reason was the lack of documentation on the negative corona test. This is due to a misunderstanding about an application that should have been used to join it, and UEFA did not tell the Norwegian delegation about this, as Clavins himself stated.

– She’s definitely a miss, Klaveness tells NRK.

Clavins and her traveling companion thought they had good documentation, but they shouldn’t be accepted.

– There is an error in registering Covid documents. It was a recording we did not receive from UEFA.

On Monday, several participants in the UEFA TV 2 meeting said that a mistake had been made.

– I understand it was a technical misunderstanding. That being the case, no one had an interest in Liz not being here because she was a critic, says Jacob Jensen, managing director of the Danish Football Association (DBU).

NRK critical comment

Jan-Peter Saltvedt, a sports commentator at NRK, thinks it’s strange that a coincidence like this could happen when Klaveness goes to Qatar to put pressure on the authorities.

It seems to be a choice more than anything else. I refuse to believe that this is just a coincidence, although of course they should familiarize themselves with all the rules of the garland. I don’t think this is due to random testing. This is a sign of who controls. That’s my immediate feeling about it, Saltvedt said on Sunday.

Sports commentator on NRK, Jan-Peter Saltvedt.  Photo: ALEM ZEBIZ/NRK

Comment: Jan Peter Saltvedt.


He believes that the Norwegian football chief should have been allowed to travel even if she did not have the required documents.

Of course they should. this is no thing. The world no longer cares about Corona. If this was important enough for Qatar, they would say this is on a royal level. Then you are allowed to enter anyway. We’re not talking about someone with an infection, he said.

But Jensen at the DBU does not believe this is the case, and many other participants have been and will be critical of FIFA and Qatar.

– DBU is also very critical. we are here. Liz is coming tomorrow and all is well, says Jensen.

NRK has sent emails containing several questions to UEFA and the authorities in Qatar, but has yet to receive an answer.

A digital encounter and a new attempt on Monday

– We’re in the action digitally tomorrow and we’ve already booked a ride for tomorrow. Even if it’s only for a day, Clavins tells NRK, it’s all about showing up.

The frustrating thing is that you get on the plane before you get the message.

Clavins, along with other representatives of UEFA, was scheduled to meet with the World Cup Committee and the authorities in Qatar. Several other travelers in the UEFA delegation reportedly had the same problem, but were said to have recovered on the plane in Switzerland.

Distribute FretOrds Honor to Head of Football Liz Clavins

Frustrated: President of Football Liz Clavins.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Klaveness will address the rights of migrant workers and gays. She drew herself harsh criticism of the country on her previous visit, a criticism that infuriated the World Cup organizer.

It is equally important to work to ensure that we have a practice of working in this way and to work towards changing attitudes in international structures. Clavins told NTB before his planned departure that we at UEFA can meet and be clear about what we want in the future.

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