Cycling team search in front of the Tour de France

The team themselves mention this on their website.

During last year’s Tour de France, French police searched the team’s hotel on suspicion of a doping rule violation. Then they launched an official investigation.

According to the team, the research is a continuation of the investigation. They strongly distance themselves from suspected doping, and are unhappy with the fact that it is happening before the biggest event of the season.

“The investigation of team members, which began nearly a year ago and has not yielded results, is still ongoing ahead of the start of the most important race of the year, the Tour de France. “It damages the reputation of the individuals and the team,” they wrote in a statement.

They also wrote that they cooperated with the police along the way. According to US website VeloNews, the searches took place in several different countries.

The Tour de France begins on July 1 with a single stage in Copenhagen. Next, two more stages will be cycled in Denmark before the cycling elite moves to France.

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