Consultation suggestion: It will make the carriers jointly responsible for securing the goods safely

Trucks with insufficiently secured loads create dangerous situations for the driver and other road users. Today, the driver is solely responsible for ensuring that the truck is loaded properly in accordance with the Road Traffic Law. Now we want to give carriers a joint responsibility. This is about traffic safety, but it’s also about promoting a more serious working life in the transportation sector, Transport Minister John Ivar Nygaard says.

Inspections conducted by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are revealing more and more vehicles with insufficient insurance for heavy loads. This is often the result of a lack of routines and procedures for how to secure the cargo, or simply because drivers are poorly trained.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is now submitting a proposal for consultation to impose responsibility on carriers to ensure that vehicles are loaded legally and correctly.

– With the proposal, we are following the advice from the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board. This shared responsibility we are now proposing will also be part of the work to promote a safer and more meaningful working life in the transportation sector. The Norwegian truck industry is concerned with safe road transport, and the proposal for shared responsibility for carriers will raise standards in the industry, says the transport minister.

The proposal means that the carriers that took on the task of transportation must ensure that the motorist can carry out the transportation in a legal and responsible manner. The transport undertaking is then liable if it is not arranged so that the driver can adequately secure the cargo. It is proposed that the additional requirements of the duty of the transport organization to provide guidance and documentation to the driver be regulated with amendments to the operating regulations.

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