Avalanche won the Stanley Cup of the year

“Aquarius”, which is almost 90 centimeters tall and weighs just over 15 kilograms, is proof that Avalanche is this year’s winner in the North American NHL Ice Hockey League. Avalanche doesn’t have to go far to get the hiking cup; The previous Stanley Cup winner was Tampa Bay, who hosted the crucial game Monday night.

Before the last meeting, Avalanche had three wins under his belt, while Lightning won two. With two wins in a row, the Tampa Bay team managed to retain the trophy they won in 2020 and defended it last year.

He also went the Lightning Way at the start of Sunday’s game. Barely four minutes into the first half, it was home ground Stephen Stamkos who got the first online match recognition. The small lead he got lasted until the beginning of the second period. When Nathan McKinnon tied with Avalanche and a little more midway through the period, teammate Arturi Likonen followed up with the goal that will determine the playoffs this year. With a goalless final period, the game ended 2–1 and Avalanche became the Stanley Cup winner.

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