Apple is working on the first foldable mobile phone

Although they still have the advantage of capturing the market on a large scale, many players started to flaunt mobile phones with foldable designs, and now it seems that the Apple giant will also throw itself on the carousel.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on a foldable mobile phone that is scheduled to be launched in 2023. The website writes 9to5mac.

Hope to sell 20 million

Kuo claimed that he was aware of the plans as early as March and reiterated the message recently in an investor note that 9to5mac had access to it. The analyst has a reputation when it comes to tech news and predictions last year as he predicted a new Mac with Apple’s own processor.

According to Kuo, Apple has big ambitions with the new foldable mobile phone, and is said to be aiming to sell between 15 and 20 million units during the launch year, which is claimed to be 2023. This is well below the annual sales figure for the iPhone, but the phones Foldable portable is also a niche product at the moment.

The analyst believes he knows that Apple’s first foldable mobile phone will have a screen between 7.5 and 8 inches and that the company will use Samsung as the supplier of the flexible OLED screen that the mobile will use.

He believes that Apple will gain a strong position in the market

Despite the fact that Samsung has already established a foothold in the emerging market with its Galaxy Fold models, Kuo believes that Apple will have a significant advantage thanks to the company’s position in the design ecosystem and hardware. However, this may be a subjective opinion on the part of the analyst.

Thus the information has not been officially confirmed. However, given Kuo’s track record as a rumor mill and the fact that more and more mobile phone manufacturers have already made their contributions to the new product segment, there is good reason to trust the information.

In addition to Samsung, the Chinese mobile giant Huawei has launched flexible models in the form of its Mate X phone and the recently launched Mate X2 sequel. Xiaomi also released a foldable model, Mi Mix Fold, which was revealed at the end of March this year.

Most of the foldable models launched so far have a regular screen on the outside and a large screen that opens from the inside. What kind of design Apple chooses remains to be seen.

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